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Ive been using a heated pressure washer with short pulses of the throttle to flush heater cores at work for the past 3 years. Havent blown one up yet. Not even the plastic end-tank ones on the VW's an...
I still have the stock cat for $$ reasons. It was a high flow 3" I put on when I built the exhaust. I kinda needed it there for getting it through emissions but for the meanwhile, its gonna a bit loud...
This is what I get for trying to straighten out some other issues with the car. I try to take one step forward, and I make it one step back. :banghead: Thanks merkur. http://i41.photobucket.com/...
I only have experience with the hurst t5 shifters. I like them. Very solid feel. No problem nailing third like im spearing a blue whale.
Quote: -- Originally posted by Tfalconier: My 88tc is under the knife again this winter, and it moves but the t/a just a whole diffrent type of animal. -- Aint that the truth.
The WS6 is going to be a close race. My XR pulled harder under full boost even without a good tune but my LS1 WS6 with an exhaust and a lid has power no matter where it is in the revs. Id like to see ...
I do not like the angle of that shaft! Id have tried running a set of 3 gears in series with the 3rd gear running an output shaft. At least then there would be a straight angle and no need for CVs ei...
Quote: -- Originally posted by dolphin1: get the 2277,there are some people here running them and they like them. -- And it holds a very mean idle ;)
Sounds like a water pump issue. Let it idle in the driveway for a while until it begins to get hot, then raise the RPMs to about ~2000 or more and see if the temp drops significantly.
I wonder if it has something to do with the direction of the exhaust gases exiting the chamber and into the exhaust runner. Arent the runners square shaped on the ARCA?
If there is anything still in the A/C system, it coudlnt hurt to go to a garage with it if it still drives and have them remove the refridgerant from the system and in return have them disconenct the ...
Is there a way to remove them without mangling them?
Quote: -- Originally posted by Liam: Is there any way to check an ECT sensor? -- Test for resistance along the 2 terminals on the ECT sensor. http://fordfuelinjection.com/?p=28
Quote: -- Originally posted by Kevin Crawford: I was afraid of that. What about Bob's log? Kevin -- Im not sure about the 3076, but I run a 3071 on Bobs log and its close, but it doesnt hit.
Quote: -- Originally posted by boport: Due to the reduced zinc content of today's oils, there have been problems recently with cam break in. The oils out there that still have a decent zinc content ...
Most of them are going to be cracked. Most of us iron head dudes are running a cracked head. Its just not affecting anything. They all crack. Its a matter of how bad.
I run the RW. No complaints. Certainly a well invested $90.
Slap a stock on and see if the noise goes away. It may just be s**t luck that something else failed right as you replaced the coil. Believe me it happens.