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I have a LA2. It works as it should, however the case has been opened up to fit a J3 chip. Send me a PM with your zip code and I'll get you a price, if you're interested. Thanks.
What definition file do you have? I thought the t23b.xdf was not fully developed; especially for MAF.
The retaining plate is held on by two Phillips head bolts. Ive used a small bit wrench set with a Philips bit to get in that tight space with the head on. Something like this: https://www.canadia...
Used first generation PiMP 1.4.  Excellent condition.  Comes with everything pictured. https://photos.app.goo.gl/GMcrjMHFtGyN8q1q6 $480 US shipped and including Paypal fees. Also, I ca...
Hi Ray, of course. Thank you for the info. James
Curious to know if anyone has one of Pyropete's 36-1trigger wheel kits they'd like to sell, or any ford EDIS4 stuff. Thanks!!
Used 2.3 turbo Gnari Manifold.  Great condition.  See pics. https://photos.app.goo.gl/14rT4r78kEa2PZWi8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/ff1SaddmvDUyQ7qo9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/wJTvDSFHx4uVdaebA...
I have for sale a set of new 36 lbs (380 cc) injectors from Five O Motorsports.  These are stock replacement injectors. These new are $295 US plus shipping.  I'm asking $260 US Shipped. Pictures...
Interested in a set of injectors. Would you ship to Canada?
Hello there. Would you have the plastics piece of the center console that is around the shifter boot?
I have Mopar super 60 injectors installed with a J3 chip without hard starting or backfiring problems. My AFRs appear good too. I know they aren't the same as yours but they are the Mopar product.
Good info. Thanks. Can ignition timing change over time, or from say a hesitation from the engine? I'm Looking further into my poor idle quality and the car lopes on a cold start. Sounds like th...
Thanks for the info Gary. I'll need to look at my ECT sensor then. If the wiring wasn't the cause for the code then probably its resistance is out of spec.
I replaced the wires going to the ECT sensor because the wires were looking bad. I kept the plug and when it came time to feed the wires into the plug I referenced the Sensor.pdf that I downloaded fro...
Great suggestions. I'll look into this. Thank you very much. 👍
I'm going to try and describe this condition in words.  I tried to search using a few key words but noting comes up. My idle can be a bit irradic some times.  When I raise my RPMs from idle to say 20...
Perhaps Bob Myers will see this. I understand he has a raspberry pi in his Capri.