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Quote: -- Originally posted by 76Capri: Right...no LIMA douches here...LOL -- :lol: It may have gotten to the point where everyone who cares about the Lima is already here. And this forum needs...
testing.... ignore... it's been about 10 years. edit: ah, there's the new av and sig.
2.3T is a 2.3T. And to be fair.... a DOHC 16v 2.3T with a 6spd manual and IRS, making a reliable 300hp? That's like the ultimate SVO.
With your current battery drain problems, your pump probably wasn't/isn't getting enough juice to reach full output. I had a similar problem a couple years ago with my SVO. I was driving through town,...
Make sure you ground it to the chassis. I don't know about TCs, but on my car, the factory ground wire has a resistor in it, so the pump was barely putting out any juice. Grounded it to the chassis an...
Yeah, I'm using my old stock 90*, then a couple brass adaptors, then the stainless braided line. Just wanted to condense all the connectors down into a single brass fitting.
What size is the fitting on a T3 for the oil feed line? Also, what would a 1/4" brake line be in that -3, -4, etc. AN sizing? Thanks
There's a nut to tighten under the steering column cover. My steering wheel wiggled too. Just need to tighten the nut.
Anyone know the thread size and pitch for the EGR tube ends? I'm *almost* done putting my car back together, but cannot get the exhaust side of the EGR tube to screw into the manifold, so I'm just goi...
Quote: -- Originally posted by Just Add Boost: I'm surprised they would allow the cone filter. Won't that fail the visual? -- Yes, it will. Just keep your stock airbox in a closet somewhere and sw...
Yeah, as long as the donor engine is the same year or newer than the Ranger, and all original smog stuff from the TC is included. Ref station info: http://www.autorepair.ca.gov/StdPage.asp?Body=/gen...
Just do this: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/fourced/index.html
Mine is really the opposite of minimalist: http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid28/pcb1989e29dd1a30281bac8339d607931/fd6502b4.jpg
www.turbonetics.com (http://www.turbonetics.com)
Can't remember the name, but I bought a set of studs from a member here a couple months ago. Look just like OEM, but he'd had a bunch of sets made specially.
I'd think ANYTHING is better than the stockers mounted over the exhaust manifold. They couldn't have picked a worse location for an IC.
Turbonetics has a $12 adaptor for the T3 that lets you use a steel braided line for oil return.
I had this problem for a couple of days, I found the plug for the TPS had come loose. Plugged it back in, and the car runs fine.
Quote: -- Originally posted by rallymerkur: I just got one of these made. -- :thumbup: :thumbup: Perfect! Thanks!
Kinda lost me there. Cliff's notes? I was planning on using the turbonetics return line adaptor, then having Earl's make a custom braided return line. I'm just trying to figure out what size line, lin...