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If you're interested in the bell, shoot me a PM or an email to flstci71@yahoo.com and we can work out the details. Thanks, Mike.
Whatever it looks like, I have to give him credit on three major points: 1) It's a Ford 2) It's turbo'ed 3) It actually runs and drives!!
Quote: -- Originally posted by Notch above the rest: My last pinto had a V8, but I had a full art morrison back half on it with huge meats. It was fast, but didnt handle so well. All it needed to do...
Unfortunately, probably another $20 or so.
You need to list a price, at least something to get the ball rolling.
Quote: -- Originally posted by Sluggo: WOW! That's as nice a Mustang as I've ever seen. Everything appears to be done with thought and good workmanship. I can't say I like any one part of it bett...
If you don't find anything else, I've got an 87/88 hydraulic bell (no fork) for $20 plus the ride.
It may be different out there for sheet metal, but in this area, "cheap" and "rust free" don't go together so well.
Not running right, needs body work/paint and worth $3K? You're right, that's an optimist alright....
Nice shots. For a while, I was thinking EVERY car left with their front tires a foot in the air. Some serious muscle there. Very cool.
Wow, very nice! I bet you're tempted to drive around with no hood. lol.
Nice shots, that thing still looks cool!! SVO1, that pic made me el-oh-el....
Welcome back! My son is in Japan right now, so we have his Turbo Coupes at my mom's house. I bet you're glad you're back in the states. Now you can enjoy the fleet again!
Quote: -- Originally posted by RoLo: Welcome but were are the pics??? :dunno: -- +1
Welcome!! What Saleens do you have? Post up some pics of your fleet.
Welcome! I can't tell too much from the pics, but it looks like you're having fun there. Just post up pics when you make some more progress. Have fun!!