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https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Turbo-2-3L-Motor/174607412923?hash=item28a769aebb:g:o1UAAOSwmLNf9pVa somebody in the area would be a good deal for a spare engine
https://www.summitracing.com/parts/lct-37424?rrec=true And have the machinist leave a step at the bottom for the sleeve to rest on so it cant slip downward.
you might want to specify plastic or steel or either
http://www.rothfam.com/svo/reference/87Thunderbird.pdf http://www.rothfam.com/svo/reference/89%20ranger%20vs%2088%20tbird%20pin%20outs.xls
afaik all turbo heads are the same except for the bolt holes
Check the heads for cracks around the exhaust valves. that might decide for you.
Yeah, i understand that the problem arises with the change in base circle. And to exactly correct it you need to adjust the valve height and HLA height to adjust for the difference to keep the angle c...
yeah, ive read that here. but never had i seen or heard what that actually did geometrically and the ramification if you didnt change your valve height to match your cam. even taking into account the ...
as there seems a lot of fragmented valve geometry and setup info, here is a extracted piece of the "how to modify for sohc engine" book.  i know its for the 2.0 and NA and non roller but the concepts ...
pretty sure they were from a 90. i think they were used from late 80's to 91. but if you are wanting to rotate your intake then you might want to use the 92up bracket as it moves it to the pass sid...
here is the ranger alt bracket i used. it does line up the alt to the TC pulleys nicely. 
wouldn't the a9l require an injector change to high impedance?
looking to buy or rent a cutter to trim my valve guides and spring seat.  my inner spring sits on top of the existing spring locating hump.
you do not want to use the 88 wiring harness.  believe me.  as ray said, get a non turbo 4 cyl harness and modify. If you plan on going 5 lug at some time you can get an 8.8 from a 98 mustang.  they...
just to comment on the home-made diesel. i did it for some years and its not hard to do. slightly messy but if you have a dedicated place to do it it's not bad. if diesel ever gets back to being...
i upgraded to windows 10 as well. though i'm using classic shell to make it look like XP. hey, maybe UBB has a shell to make it look like the old version for ray lol.... < just kidding, (insert ...
Easy tiger... we can only see our own warning level. i have one too. And microsoft said windows 8 was better too. yuk At least you havent been duped. twice. i'm still trying to get my avatar ...
finally got logged in. whew...  some reason though i am now sturner1254_dup2 ?  i know ive been duped before but no need to get personal...  lol