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If its under $100 or so, I just put a low value on it or say its a gift. No brokerage fees then. However, I can only recall shipping to Canada maybe twice with UPS. Every other time I've sent somethin...
Clear your DNS and browswer caches. At the command prompt, type: ipconfig /flushdns
Quote: -- Originally posted by BP: I wish that Ford would do a LX package where you could get a lighter car & the V-8 motor without all of the GT interior & exterior crap. On the GT500 pricing, arou...
Quote: -- Originally posted by Priest: I have heard good things on the MGW from a few people, and I have considered buying one for myself. this christmas time while I'm in Augusta I am going out to...
M8x1.25 I think. Not sure on the length of them, probably no longer than 20-25mm I'd think.
Then dispense with the gaskets. Ultra Black RTV works great on thermostat housings and water pumps sans gasket. Just let it tack up a little bit before installing the new housing.
Quote: -- Originally posted by xrattiracer: youll be hard pressed to find gas that doesnt have around 10% ethanol in it, except maybe in the northern states during the winter. -- Particularly if yo...
It is really personal preference for appearance. I'm going to convert my SVO to a single 3" one of these days...
It has been a while since I've used BidPay, but it is legit. It has fewer fees I think (or at least they're paid by the buyer, the way it SHOULD be) which is why some folks prefer to use it.
Torx bolts are fine for some applications, but just not where Ford used them. In fact, I can't think of a WORSE place to use a Torx head bolt but on the rear end, where it is exposed to the elements l...
Quote: -- Originally posted by phat pat: the water passage to the intake manifold is to keep the manifold and runners from frosting durring the winter. if you live in a warm area, then It wont make ...
I concur with the box end wrench. Gives you a little more feel and most of them are short enough that its tough to break the bolt with them. For future reference, if its your first time removing that...
Be prepared to grind them off anyway. If they're rusted, chances are they'll either round off your Torx bit or the head of the screws. I had to drill those buggers out when I was swapping rear ends an...
Just get a new one. They aren't that terribly expensive, particularly if you find one used.
I have only one guy I deal with at the local Ford dealer. He's someone I used to work with at another dealer and he basically gives me the same deal on parts that I got when I was a dealership employe...
Quote: -- Originally posted by turboplz: Quote: -- Originally posted by johnk: On the LB2 .... to unlock the Convertor.... -- What is it for on the La3? -- Nothing at all.
You want to use the longer SN95 control arms, not the Fox ones. The wheels will sit too far inward as the SVO K-member is slightly narrower than the standard Fox one.
Quote: -- Originally posted by 86 slo-vo: how bad are the manual brakes on the street? cant be that bad can they? -- I've driven a car with manual brakes before (not mine) for a short distance and...
As far as I know, a Ranger MUST have a 4.0 to get an 8.8, unless they used them in the late 80s with the 2.9. A limited slip 7.5" was available in a vehicle with the towing package. Came standard wi...
Quote: -- Originally posted by CJK440: Are those pass side strut tower componants for the EGR or the evap?? -- Just the EGR. There is no evap purge on the 2.3T.