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If its the round plug I believe its 8 wires. http://www.veryuseful.com/mustang/tech/engine/images/mustangEngineHarness.gif http://www.veryuseful.com/mustang/tech/engine/images/mustangMainHarness...
Thats the same line that I would be eliminating.
Ahhh. Thats interesting. As long as I keep a simlar restriction though, it would be no different then factory though. Thats excellent info.
Dumb question and I dont see how it wouldnt work. I am limited for room in front of the motor with my intercooler tubing. So... any reason why I couldnt pull my heatercore feed from the port on...
Quote: -- Originally posted by Bob_Myers: Quote: -- Originally posted by GT350R: I can be pretty :) -- Oh you are pretty alright, lol -- I learnt a long time ago. You don't have to b...
I don't need to be fast Bob. You do that for me. I can be pretty :) Thanks Mike. That's what I wanted to see.
Has anyone come up with a better looking solution to the power steering pump mount? Maybe cut it down or something?
I have the exact example they use for the LX 5.0 with 2,000 miles
My brother is selling a wagon also. Clean car and already swapped. Has some suspention bolt ons , 4 point roll bar, gear, etc. 1980 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1479535892071984/permalink/16...
Quote: -- Originally posted by Schlodes: I dont now if its because im still on xp maybe or what. It was just some ported up FR 500s. -- Wait till you try WIN 7, you are going to LOVE it. My new...
You dont have the car up here do you?
I hate to say it but I agree. You need to figure out why its not right or else you will likely do all that work and end up with the same issue. Unless you are just over it and willing to throw eve...
http://s335.photobucket.com/user/need4spd90/media/Notchback%20Project/Notchback005-1.jpg.html That one. WIth it, your windows should plug in. If the doors are the same year as your car, the locks ...
There is a harness that runs along the top inside of the dash that I believe you will need also.
Found it. http://www.mc-machine.com/pdf/1984.pdf Its where they pulled the power for the fog lighst. Weird.
Trying to figure exactly what this wire is. Car is a 2.3 turbo. The wiring is located in a sub harness that have fog light wiring, the big yellow wire which I believe is defrost, and has another wire ...
Just try finding one for an 83-84!
Quote: -- Originally posted by Deathbypsi: I'm thinkin bout tryin the controller Stinger sells to work with my Pimp. -- I dont think he actually sells it. Its just an ecoboost valve. Like 12-14 bu...
The PVC intercooler tubing! I actually had up a whole joke intercooler MikeSVOR intercooler kit that was given away at one of the SVO shows back then. I remember him running a BMW turbo. Not a hol...