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Appreciate the comments.  I will probably go with my TB0305 compressor and turbine, that are gathering dust somewhere in my garage.
Thanks for the hint Paul. I just looked at the Borg Warner aftermarket catalog and the EFR 7064-B looks like a pretty good fit, but not cheep!! Way out of my budget in fact. And I worry that the on...
Hi gang, I've been absent for a while since my combo has been fully sorted for quite some time now. But... yesterday my hybrid Mitsubishi/Garrett T3 turbo took a crap (after working well since 2007)....
Has it always been like this with the current build, or the behavior just started recently?
Yes, and I would say that applies to any of the T04B compressors, excepting the custom ones they made for GM (80-81 Turbo Trans Am & 86-87 Buick GN).
Just don't confuse throttle response with low rpm torque.
BTW, I found the specs for my cam and they do not match either one in the link I gave above, so all bets are off. My actual specs are 200deg/200deg 0.420"/0.420" 118deg LSA.
I'm aSSuming this is the same Camcraft I got my cam from back in 2007.  The specs look about right, and I remember clearly the mild lift and 118 deg lobe separation of the cam I got, which is the mild...
Have a look at these Camcraft cams: https://www.camcraftcams.com/catalogs-links/ranger-bronco/ I'm running the milder one and my street combo pulls hard past 6500rpm.
Good info. I had a similar outcome with my 55 Olds in BC back around 1990.
A few years ago I was troubleshooting an intermittent/inoperative fuel pump. Relay checked good. Circuits on both sides of relay checked good... WTF, over?... With the advice of an electrical engin...
Had an '89 Bronco II once myself.  It left me when I got divorced :D If you happen to need a '89 factory service manual set, I guess I have one I don't need anymore ;)
You don't say. What do you have for an 85 vintage Ford 2.3 turbo?
https://www.minutefob.ca/key-fob-copy-new-york Nice job Your first post basically gibberish and you include a phishing link
In the commercial (real) world, absolute manifold pressure is what counts. But for general discussion, you might as well give your point of reference. So, gauge pressure above your local atmosphere ...
I believe I have an original set from my XR. Engine running fine prior to upgrade to CFI injectors.
I don't see anyone pulling off a compression test with a broken timing chain  :huh: