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No problem, good to hear that it will help you out.
Hi from az also. Check out https://bigrmotorsports.com. he sells harnesses for a real reasonable price. Scroll down his page and you will find them.
2.3 to VW trans adapter and flywheel. In good shape.  $300
I'm not sure anymore. I think I might have found one used online. Waiting to hear back about shipping costs.
Looking for a 2.3 to VW type 1 or  bus  adapter and flywheel. Thanks!
Hi all, I'm wanting to build a blow through carb 2.3 for fun. Looking at maybe going to to do 3k at ziptie drags. I'm wanting to use a 350cfm Holley but I'm not sure what intake to use. I wanted to us...
Looking for a set of stock 2.3 turbo pistons and rods for a 3k hooptie build I'm doing. So cheaper the better! Lol Thanks
Hey all i picked up a new project. Im wanting to build a nice clean little sleeper. The car is a 1979 notch back, has tubular k member, tubular lower front arms, sn95 front brakes and rotors, has ...
Hey Ray, the Spa stuff i have purchased have been made in Brazil. The quality of the spa522 was great! Way better than the ebay t3/4 turbo i tried befor (got 9 months) . The Spa turbo has 7 years o...
Nope its just a regular old spitfire. Had a worn out engine and transmission. As for the turbo, i have been looking at a this turbo. https://spaturbousa.com/collections/turbocharger/products/spa-...
Hey all, finally getting back to the spitfird build. I will give you all the details on the build. 1972 triumph spitfire. We have purchased all the suspension peices. The car is getting a tube cha...
As the title says, looking for bellhousing. Thanks
Thanks guys. Ray i think the 1.5 inches and a flatter steering wheel will do. I forgot all about those rear windows.
Hi all, i just picked up a 1983 ranger project/driver. The cool part is that it has a 351w and AOD swapped in. The biggest problem is the steering column is just too freakin long! Im thinking about ...
Bellhousing and converter sold locally.
Hi all, selling off some parts i have. La3 cut for chip, with moates burn 1 adapter and chip. $125 Large vam. Works but not pretty $40 Older ranger roller cam $50 Couple e6 manifolds $50 each You ...
Oops bellhousing was supposed to be $250 plus shipping costs!
Hi i have a 2.3 c4 bellhousing, seperator plate and flexplate for sale. $350 plus shipping. Also have dacco 2600rpm converter rebuilt.$75 plus shipping Parts comming from 85204 mesa az.
Hi all wondering if anyone here has turboed a 4.6 sohc. Im building a 72 f100 on a 2005 p71 chassis. Has the PI 4.6 and 4r75w. 2800 converter and 3.55 gears. I plan on using a edelbrock victor jr a...