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Turbo Theory Primer for Newbies....

turbo math for those scared of numbers! thanks COZZ!!!! a turbocalc for all to use Wink


like I said he topped me... you can even toggle across the RPM range to plot your entire operating range in SECONDS!
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It would make much of a difference of maybe 2 lbm/min but is that corrected mass flow displayed by the program?
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Cool, Greg put my program up.

Honda Eata, corrected mass flow?, huh? Yeah it's correct Big Grin

Personnal experiences, i have 3 differents housings to try, .36 .48 and .63. I did get the .36 from a renault fuego turbo (what a /$%/$/"/*car) :pat:
I got the .48 from an automatic XR and the .63 from a manual one.
I have found a 1 A/R from a Hino truck, but didnt tryed it out yet...
I do like the responsiveness of the very small A/R, but like also the top-end power of the .63.
from housing to housing, no other modifications done, i got 21psi with the .63 and a mere 12-13 psi with the .36. So it is a lot more restrictive that the .63. Car quieter too with the .36.
I also have a BMW 2002 with the same garret and i got the exact same results...but stayed with the .48 as the car is way lighter than my XR Wink
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off of this link.. http://www.gnttype.org/techarea/turbo/turboflow.html
i found this math,

"Example: a boost gauge reads 0 psi before it is hooked up. Hook it up, boost the car, and it reads 17 psi. 17 psi is the gauge pressure, the absolute pressure at sea level is 14.7 + 19 = 33.7.

A pressure reading is marked psia or psig. The "a" stands for absolute, the "g" for gauge. (The psi stands for Pounds per Square Inch). As we just showed, 17 psig = 33.7 psia. A perfect vacuum is 0 psia, or -14.7 psig."

i thought the absolute pressure was whatever boost your running + 14.7 psi. so wouldnt that be 14.7+17 =31.7 or maybe im just confused. if what they say is correct how do we find out the psia at different amounts of boost?

(Added Late) earlyer that same page describes absolute pressure exactly how i thought it works:

"Absolute pressure is the gauge pressure (measured by a gauge that reads 0 when it is open to the outside air) plus atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure is about 14.7 psi at sea level."

P.S. sorry if this has been posted about before, i didnt find it

P.S.2 Woot.. i read the whole thing.. i feel enlightened lol. I still belive that was a mistake.. oh well though.. maybe ill mail them about it later.

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