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V6 Ranger standard tranny????

I just want to make sure I'm reading this right here. The M5OD-R1s have integral bells? I'm interested because I'm toying with the idea of doing a 2.3T swap into a 1st gen Explorer in a few years. That's a way down the road, I know, but better to learn all I can! I think a 2.3T 5-speed 4x4 Explorer would be FUN. :crazy: So, if I did this, I'd start with a 5-speed Exploder anyway, but then I'd have to find a 4 cylinder M5OD-R1 to put behind it? Then there's figuring out transfer cases, etc., etc... :banghead:
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Just to follow on with this...one question that came to mind was "Is the tranny in the SHO the same thing with some different shafts to allow it to fit as a transaxle?"
From what I'm seeing here,excluding the problem plug,is a)that any tranny purchased from a boneyard must have a plug-in-place or forget it & b)to put this tranny behind a SHO should not be a problem!!!
I'm curious as to what the ratios are in the SHO transaxle vs the ratios in the Aerostar tranny and if they are transferable???
I suspect that the truck tranny will be wide-ratio while the SHO tranny may be close or closer ratio.

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Quote:Originally posted by rotus7:

Is the tranny in the SHO the same thing (as the M50D) with some different shafts to allow it to fit as a transaxle?

No. The two trannies are completely different. I would be extremely surprised if ANYTHING were interchangeable between the two - with the possible exception of the oil and (MAYBE) some bolts. :dunno:

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