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Best boost controller on the market?

I'm looking to upgrade past my Hallman Pro RX.
What's the best route to go?

Maybe I'm wrong but is the Hallman worth keeping?
Nothing wrong with it so far just looking for a high tech solution.

The other reason being that with where my car sits currently I want to hav the best possible one I can get.

I got this Hallman on an impulse buy like everything else on my car and I'm having second thoughts.

I know I need to be happy with what I got.......
Don't think I ever will :pat: :dunno: Confusedtickpoke: :tfrules:

The Apex-I AVR is about the best boost controller out there.
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Profec-B is suppose the be the simplest - cheapest - and most importantly - THE MOST ACCURATE.

I picked mine up used from ebay for $200 - it came from a wrecked car in Japan. I haven't had a chance to test it yet... but hopefully in spring time Wink
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from my understanding of how the hallman works (ball and spring, like a gillis valve?), it is the best you can buy. there have been tests done by various car mags that prove that even the most expensive ricer boost controller cant hold the set boost lefvel as well as a good ol low tech ball and spring controller Big Grin
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...a neat link i found
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my buddy runs a ball and spring on his 10.0 crx..he is sponcerd by greddy (i think it was them) and they sent him a top secret nonelectronic boost controller..one of 2 made..he cant talk about it thought so i have to look at it and see if i can figure it out
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I have a ball/spring on my Pinto and a Greddy Profec B on the Merk. I like them both. The Greddy lets you switch from a high/low boost setting which is handy on wet roads or if ya get some bad gas.
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profec b is your best buy for an electric. the first one is limited to about 24psi though. the spec 2 is capable of higher levels though.

if you're still running an internal gate, you can still have boost control issues no matter what bc you use. a restrictive internal gate and restrictive downpipe will cause boost creep on moderate power levels. i don't know what you're running, so i thought i'd throw that out there

I got an external gate on Rod's Header.

38mm to be exact from TIAL

Also what is the talk of hooking a boost controller right to that?

Here's my plans (no confirmation that it works yet, sorry) 2 homemade ball & spring type controllers, 1 canister purge solenoid, 1 toggle switch. You see where I'm going with this, you can switch between high & low boost at the flip of a switch. -Mark
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