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Best boost controller on the market?

Also heard about the 2 stage thing it's such a simple concept but can anyone break down the process for me?

Quote:Originally posted by brooksgnm:
Here's my plans (no confirmation that it works yet, sorry) 2 homemade ball & spring type controllers, 1 canister purge solenoid, 1 toggle switch. You see where I'm going with this, you can switch between high & low boost at the flip of a switch. -Mark
The setup works simply awesome for auto cars. Stage at the lines and you boost to 5-7 PSI. Once you shoot off the line and you have good tracion once again you flip the switch and put it to 25 PSI mode!

Gus Mahon used that setup all the time...may he rest in piece. Good man w/alot of great ideas.
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i had that setup on my old car - 15psi or 23psi... take your pick Big Grin

i had a selonoid that opened up an additional bleed valve though... never messed with the ball-valves much.
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