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What will happen if I remove the iac?

Well I started up the car cold three times today (in the morning, on my lunch break and after work). It was a typical cold Massachusetts winter day near 0*C when I started it up the third time. It wanted to stall so I kept it at about 1000rpm for a minute or so before going to leave my parking spot. It died at first, started it back up and used one foot on the clutch and the other foot on the brake and gas and didn't have any problems after that. Damn, things would be so easy if I had a third foot. After a couple minutes of driving it was fine and idled steady.

So far I'm happy with the IAC being unplugged and if I still feel this way after a couple weeks I'll probably get a hold of a block off plate.

I can see why some people wouldn't like the way the car acts now but I don't mind it... I love the way it idles now. I haven't had any problems with the car stalling after letting off the gas either. :thumbup:

Just figured I'd update for anyone who's considering doing this.
92 Mustang 2.3 NA vert
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isnt that ford idle kit thingy for the 5.0? i know on the 5.0 its used to allow adjustment of the IAC to stop the idle surging and to get the car to idle at a certain rpm

im not sure why people would use that as a bandage instead of fixing the root cause...but ive never tried it so i cant speak :dunno:


Caroth pointed this out a long time ago

I got one 2 yrs ago works great!

30# is a blast, but I don't think I want it set there all the time..
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