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merkur turbo coupe brakes

I have installed 88-89 turbo coupe brakes on the front and back of my merkur xr4ti. The stock proportioning valve has been gutted, all lines have been bled. The problem is iam not getting any brakes on the rear. Any ideas. Thanks

What exactly did you take out of the prop valve? Did you blead the rears? If so, how did you get fluid out, but the calipers aren't clamping? Do they move at all?

Just thinking out loud...

yes the rear brakes were bled but, the calipers don't appear to be working .The ball in the prop valve was removed

Quote: yes the rear brakes were bled but, the calipers don't appear to be working .The ball in the prop valve was removed
Two things,
1. When you bled the rear brakes did you bleed them at the bleeder valve? If you did then they are full of air. If you use the T-Bird calipers on the Merkur with the David Godfrey adapters then the right side caliper is used on the left side. This moves the bleeder valve down. If you look you will see that the highest point on the caliper is now the brake line attaching point. You have to bleed the calipers at the brake line. This is very tricky to do but you'll see what I mean.
2. You need to remove only the ball from the proportioning valve and put everything else back in. If not you will lose lots of fluid and have almost no brakes. Theres a relief valve in the Prop valve that will squirt the fluid into the frame rail and you will not see it. But you will see fluid on the ground.
Good luck.
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Make sure you drive slow and do lot of nasty burn outs. :burnout:

Its like having line lock. :eek:

Sorry, I have no useful help.

DamSkpE :burnout:
Turbo Ranger????

yes i used the bleeder valve. I will check and see if i reversed the calipers, if not i will.thanks

Merk23 is right, to make the hand brake cable work the calipers must be mounted upside down and reversed. I took my calipers and hung them right side up till they gravity bled through the bleeders.

I also completly removed the stock porp. valve and added a Willwood adj. unit.
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Do they hold at all?? I had a problem with my rear drums holding for like 10 seconds and then releasing, turned out to be the master cyl. If all the above doesnt work may want to look at that.
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nothing was happening. The master cyclinder is new. I put the brake calipers on the right way, didn't thing about the bleeder valve being lower than the line. will try bleeding the line or holding the caliper s upright and bleeding thru the valve. Will get to this weekend. thanks for the help guys

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