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Oil...how many qrts...psi?

well i changed my oil+filter yesturday and 6 qrts came out...i only bought 5 qrts cause thats how much i thought it took...now when i had 6 qrts in there the dipstick said full and my oil was 25psi after driving,like coming to a redlight...but now with only 5 qrts in there the dipstick says quart low BUT my psi is 35 after driving and coming to a redlight...and i thought 35psi was correct...someone tell me what to do..

5 quarts is correct, some cars (Merkurs for a fact cause I have one) had inaccurate dip sticks. Now that you put 5 in it probably reads 1 quart low, that is now your full mark. 1 quart low will now be the very tip of the stick. Use that and all should be well. Putting 6 in while I dont think does any damage per say can push an already taxed PCV system over the edge to where you get leaks everywhere, probably not good for seals either. PSI will vary according to temp and viscosity and how long the oils been in there, all sorts of things, I think your ok now.
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thanks alot...thats what i wanted to hear

Dont get scared unless you are running below 10psi for each 1000 RPM. This assumes you are using the correct oil, not SAE 50 or something.

ok...i used 10w30 .. castrol gtx...

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