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weird noise from front suspension...

well, now when im driving and i hit a bump or something it sounds like someone is putting a rim on my car...im sure we all know that sound, when u have rim+tire i hand and try to slide it on there, it makes a noise...alittle hard to explain...first time i heard it thats what i thought of and then i thought my wheel was loose...well my tires are good,psi is good,lugnuts are tight,wheelbearings are good (driver side was loose but i adjusted)...what could it be...sounds like its from front driver side but not sur...what do i check and do??

I have the same banging noise on my svo front driver side. My K member is hitting the ground. The jack&** befor me cut the front springs to lower the car. look for scrapes or rubs on front suspension. also check you spring isolators if they are still there.
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Did you check the ball joints? sway bar mount bushings?
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ball joints on my car are ok but the sway bar is prety bad. That is next on my list. the bushings are getting rotted.
Confusus says " man who run behind car get exausted"

havnt checked anything yet...but i noticed then it basically does it when i run over manhole covers in the road and stuff like that, nothing to make the car bottom out or anything...swaybr bushings are new...and the long bushing thing between the control arms are new...i guess ill check ball joints...thanks for the help

is it a clunk? if so, does it happen more when turning left,right or going straight? once, the bolts that hold the strut to the spindle got loose and it would clunk when going around a corner, but only one direction. the nuts are a jam nut so they won't come off even if they get loose.
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only happens when i go over manhole covers,stuff like that...not when i just turn..

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