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2.3T swap into an 79-86 Fox mustang Write-up help needed

I believe the 84 - 85 (?) SVO had an in-tank low volume pump, plus an in line pump to step up pressure to the rail. Most advice I see is Walbro 255 in tank for simplicity. Secondary in line pump, related fuel/electrical connections can be by-passed. Less to worry about...

I defer to those that know better.

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84 and 85 SVO have the booster pump. My very late 85.5 doesn't have a booster pump.

When did they start putting the EEC in the A pillar? On my 83 and 84 GT it's under the pass seat. (IIRC my 84 SVO has it in the A pillar.)

I need to replace the underhood part of the harness in my 83 GT and 84 SVO for insulation falling off. I have a few 87/8 TC harnesses that I'm hoping to redo to work.

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