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I own two 1980 Turbo Cobras, one I bought new and another from the original owner. They are both in showroom condition, the second Cobra having only 18,000 miles. It is fully optioned and has a C3 automatic transmission. Until I bought this car I thought all Turbo Cobras were 4-speeds. I would like to know how many 2.3L Turbo Cobras were built with the C3 automatic, couldn't have been many. It has an electric fuel pump, a bunch of solenoids and circuits under the passenger seat that monitors ignition, fuel and oil pressures. It also has lower rocker moldings from the factory that I haven't seen on other Cobras. Truly a rare horse. Any info would be greatly appreciated....  


You've probably already looked online, soooo ~ if that sorta info isn't available publically in a Google, etc. search...... you'll probably need to get a "Marti Report":  LINK  <shrug>
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