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1986 Capri with 1988 2.3T Restart after 6 Years - Electrical Problem?

Thanks guys! It works!

I reclocked the plug wires, turned the distributor housing clockwise a little to make up for the full 90 degrees and it started right up. 

At first it sounded like there wasn’t enough oil in the top end so I turned off and changed the oil.  There was so much gas from months of attempting starts that the oil viscidity was like water. 

Now I have a little rattle in the top end. I’ll have to see if anything broke, because of the gas/oil mixture.  At least it starts again.  If I have to fix anything in the head, maybe it’s a good time to swap in the boport cam I have had for years. Can’t wait to start driving again.

Dilluted oil might cause accelerated WEAR......but breakage is unlikely. You probably just have an HLA that hasn't pumped up yet ~ drive it around for awhile and it may just go away. BTW......now that it's running, be sure to pull the SpOut connector and set your ignition timing to 10° BTDC. [Image: confused0024.gif]
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