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1998 Ranger thread help.

Scrolling reading and looking.
Is their a thread on a 98 Ranger conversion ?

Thanks in advance.

Eventually found 1 thread on a 98.
Wasn't much help I'm afraid on lots questions I have.

Although I've done a turbo swap already it was on a 80 Bobcat.
Knowing the basics of the TC and a little on the difference threw the years.....
All info would be very appreciated on the 98 Ranger.

I will be using a 100 thousand mile 1987 automatic TC as a donor.
Ranger is auto with 3.0.

First question is.
Put TC trans in or will it marry to the stock ranger ?  Can the bell housing be changed like on the TC to adapt both ?
 This is rough goings for a Chevy guy.

All help, suggestions and ideas would be very very very appreciated.

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