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2.3 DP engine, bell, TC T5, fuel pump, parts

We're moving and I'd really like to do it without taking a lot of parts with me.
All prices are without shipping- post your zip and we'll work it out.

80k mile 2.3 Dual Plug engine (no oil pan) out of my Grandfather's 1990 Ranger, $250.

[Image: PGtenVd.jpg]

JW Ultrabell 302/351 C4 WITH NEW Canfield 2.3 notched adapter plate and scatter shield, $400

[Image: YWFwd61.jpg]
[Image: umBnZBp.jpg]
[Image: DfB2PT2.jpg]

2007 vintage Aeromotive A1000, purchased from Dr. Joe, I tested it but never used it, $190

[Image: C3jXJxK.jpg]

1987 TC Aux shaft, great shape, $75 (I'm keeping one just in case I go CAS)

[Image: BJheCUw.jpg]

1987 TC flywheel, freshly surfaced $90

[Image: o0uMwBm.jpg]

Clean oil pan (I think it's out of my 1987 TC, but it may be a 90 Ranger pan) $40

[Image: zXecXun.jpg]

1987 TC frame mounts, $40 / pair

[Image: qpHsBgY.jpg]

1987 TC oil cooler, $25

1987 TC coil, works fine $25

50 oz 302 flexplate, good condition, $25

[Image: JdNoZid.jpg]

I'm not certain if my pricing is fair?  Make an offer.  I'll do paypal if you prefer.  n2xlr8n66  at y a h o o
1990 2.3T Ranger...in process

This stuff is going on ebay, Paul.

Please remove or lock the ad.

1990 2.3T Ranger...in process

Unless the parts are no longer for sale or they've sold......they could be listed on both sites at the same time, ya' know.  . [Image: confused0024.gif]
Placerville, California
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