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2.3 in a buggy

I need info on putting a 2.3 in a dune buggy. Any one know some web sites? Or have any advise to offer?

What kind of info do you need?

Well a bit of everything. Is a bus trans the minimum that will live behind a turbo 2.3? This may be a dumb question but should I keep the efi or switch it to a carb? I would consider leaving the efi what all is involved?

Do you know of any specific web sites concerning this swap?

Run what ya brung, leave it EFI, stock it might live for a while with a bus tranny. Mess with mods and raise the HP much and you will need a 3000 dollar plus tranny if you plan on running it hard.
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Water cooled engines generally aren't the best for buggies, but if you wanna anythings possible.
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Bblindchickenracing.com has a Baja with the 2.3 conversion. I have put the 2.3 in my baja, should be driveable tonight!!!! All in all not too hard of a swap. Definatelly need a bus tranny if you plan on driving it hard at all. A built one if possible, but big $. Then theres the radiator........ :p
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2.3 Turbo engine

Sardawg, did you add extra supports for the engine, or did you stick with the stock trans mount?
73 Baja Bug
2.3 Turbo engine

For off-road use you have to run motor supports of some kind. My first attempt at a 2.3 in a baja broke the bellhousing off the tranny. I didn't even think I was running that hard.

The install for the 2.3 with wiring diagrams and all is at http://www.blindchickenracing.com/How_to...nstall.htm

Mark Johnson
Blind Chicken Racing

Yes its possible and it has been done many times over. There are 2 guys I know of in my area that have 2.3t's in their buggies, both EFI, both with the IRS bus tranny. One is running the stock computer setup, the other is running and aftermarket (SDS) setup. They are both members here also, Turbobuggy & turbochenowth are their handles. Check out Esslinger & Kennedy, they both have parts you may need to perform your swap.
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