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2.3 +t??

Hey guys I’m new here, I have a 1988 lx convertible 2.3 auto. I was wondering if someone could give an exact list of everything I would need to turbo the 2.3
Doesn’t need crazy power but looking for a reliability build. Was told I would have to upgrade internals. Any feed back would be great, and maybe an estimation of total cost?

Most affordable and easiest method is to find a donor Turbo Coupe and grab the engine, manual trans, and rear end out of it. Possibly the ECU, air meter, and a few bits of the harness as well. While you've got it, grab the seats, sway bars, and front brakes off of it too as they are all upgrades over the 4 cyl Mustang stuff.

Then do the turbo swap wiring as outlined on our site, add a good 3" exhaust, FMIC kit, boost controller, and cone air filter and you've got a nice 200-225hp setup that should be quite reliable for about $1500-$2000. We sell all of these things.

The more expensive option is the rebuild your current engine with good forged pistons (we sell these too), keep the stock rods and crank, put some hardened exhaust seats in the head, buy the turbo, manifold, injectors, ECU, etc. for the turbo application, then add the same mods listed above and you'll have a 200-225hp setup that will cost $2500-$4000 and an automatic transmission that doesn't like being tasked at handling that sort of power without grenading.
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Where are you located Stangwill?
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Hey thanks guys, new to these forum type discussions. I am located in Washington state. I’ve had a hard time finding a 2.3t motor for less than 1,500 alone. So I just figured adding a turbo would be cheaper, guess I was wrong there lol. 200 hp sounds perfect for me, I don’t need crazy power. Anything else I should be looking out for?

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