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2.3T Short block in MD area

Ok, now that it's getting warmer, it's time to work on the turbo coupe. I'm looking for a decent running (decent as it has 4 pistons, oil presure, and compresion) short block for my 86 TC.
...so you have a V8...isn't that cute...

damn you I have 2 with #3 damage ...you have to be soooo picky!!!

Happy hunting
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I have two short blocks. One is still all together and wrapped in plastic because the t-bird it was in got wrecked and I scraped it. The other is apart and cleaned in my buddy's machine shop, waiting for me to do something with it. I had him measure it and check it for cracks, and he said I only needed rings and bearings. I'm looking for $125 for the together block and $250 for the cleaned and apart one. :tfrules:

Still looking....anyone???
...so you have a V8...isn't that cute...

Still need a short block or whole engine....
...so you have a V8...isn't that cute...

Ben i have a short block sitting, stock rods - pistons might need bearings. 100.oo and i might have someone to take it to West Minster Md. but i gotta know tonight.

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I have a shortblock and some heads all of unknown condition. The shortblock was running when it was removed. I was going to use it to build a nice engine, but I don't have the funds at this time. I'll PM you my number.

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