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2.3T swap into an 79-86 Fox mustang Write-up help needed

I believe the 84 - 85 (?) SVO had an in-tank low volume pump, plus an in line pump to step up pressure to the rail. Most advice I see is Walbro 255 in tank for simplicity. Secondary in line pump, related fuel/electrical connections can be by-passed. Less to worry about...

I defer to those that know better.

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84 and 85 SVO have the booster pump. My very late 85.5 doesn't have a booster pump.

When did they start putting the EEC in the A pillar? On my 83 and 84 GT it's under the pass seat. (IIRC my 84 SVO has it in the A pillar.)

I need to replace the underhood part of the harness in my 83 GT and 84 SVO for insulation falling off. I have a few 87/8 TC harnesses that I'm hoping to redo to work.

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I used a XR4Ti stand alone harness repinned n 2nd circuit added for after i.c, a.c.t sensor for the LA3 e.c.a on my 93 LX ...easy if you take your time with the repinn or just use the XR4Ti e.c.a ?
I don't know what this is ?

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