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2002 Ford truck

Hello, I’m registered over at therangerstation, but figured I’d get specific help here in turboing my 2.3 Duratec. Engine is pretty healthy. Less than 150k on the dash. Most of my mods have just been to the suspension and weight reduction. Got rid of the ac/heater and also behind the dash so there’s plenty of space to work. 

I have brief experience with a turbo car as I had an SR swapped 240 for a few years, so I know the basic components of what is needed to make it work. 

I figured I’d piece together the setup. 

I had no idea that Duratec turbo manifolds all pretty much have the same bolt pattern no matter which wheels they turned, so that’s a huge plus. 

This is the latest shot. 


This site is focused on the lima 2.3 so duratec topics won't get much feedback.
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(04-30-2022, 02:55 AM)Just Add Boost Wrote:  This site is focused on the lima 2.3 so duratec topics won't get much feedback.

I’ve noticed that the Lima gets more turbo attention. Is there any reason why the Lima is the preferred power plant?

As Chris (Just Add Boost) said, there are precious few ~ if ANY ~ Duratec owners on this site. TurboFord was "founded" in 2000-ish before Duratecs even existed and is almost exclusively dedicated to the turbocharged Lima engine architecture as equipped, for example, in SVO Mustangs and Turbocoupe T-Birds (among others). 

OTOH, there are at least 2 Duratec forums that I'm aware of where you can find the answers you seek. GOOD LUCK!
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