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2015 4th annual TurboFord Nationals - NEW INFO!

We might as well start brain storming and start figuring out where we are going. I am down for going just about anywhere so lets start getting some opinions/suggestions. There are several good tracks in Texas but I know that's a long ways for most so I figure I am going east or west most likely. Ready, set, go....... :burnout:

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Norwalk...or bowling green
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I'm in for Bowling Green but Norwalk would work also.
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bolin green sounds good ,
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Someone asked me about how the location was picked and I told them it just depends on who 'grabs the bull by the horns' and starts setting it up.
Michigan was mentioned in that conversation too...just sayin'.

Talking to other people it seems that the majority of members in the western part of the USA are 'corner carvers'.
The drag racers seem to be from the middle of the country and east.

This is simply an observation, nothing set in stone... :dunno:

I've never been to Norwalk. Wink
This might draw some of our Canadian brothers too.
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Like I told Paul....

I live right down the road from Milan Dragway outside of Detroit Michigan. Milan is a pretty cool "grass roots" track. Once a year they put on their own Ford Fest since they lost the NMRA and Fun Ford Weekend races and that weekend is basicly pretty dead compaired to some of the big races that Norwalk hosts. Im betting Milan would be pretty reseptive to including our race within their program. I know people at the track I can talk to about this if needed.

Also, I currently work for Ford at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne Mich where we build the Focus ST. I through out in another post about possibly including the new Ecoboost cars in our shootout next year and Im sure I could get a hold of somebody here or at Ford Racing to see if it would be anything they would want to get behind..

Im 15min from the track and have over 8 acres of land thats prime for parking and/or camping on.I have a pretty big shop and could offer my place to any out of towners.

...just sayin.
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Bowling Green would be fun. Milan would too but I would have to take a week off, which I might do anyways. I need a racing vacation. I haven't taken a vacation in two years so I am ready!
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I like the Bowling Green idea.
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How 'bout Vegas? Isn't it time to throw our Westcoast brethren a bone... We'd set-up a vendor booth there!
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Is that Vegas track out off the highway or is it in some busy are... I HATE driving in heavy traffic. I know some of the bigger towns have tracks but some are hard to get too, like out east coast.

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