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2017 All Ford Nationals - Who's going?

Just curious.

ill be there in my $#1Tbox 85.5 TC, parked with the NATO group with the rest of the turbocoupe t-birds. i assume most of the TF guys will be near the SVOs and fox stangs, with the remnants with the Merkurs?

whos showin off?

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I will be there all weekend. Taking my dads 89 notch this year. I take the SVO every other year and my dad takes one of his foxes in between.
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After 10 yrs, I will be there once again.
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Is this happening again this year?
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Quote:Originally posted by nxcoupe:
Is this happening again this year?

Mike, it's the annual Ford show in Carlisle, PA. Typically the first full weekend in June, this year was 6/1-6/3. I started going in '03-'04 although I've missed a couple of years.
It's great to be able to meet other TFers and put faces on screen names.
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