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"2Beers" 1974 Pinto TC

Small update.
The little pinto is back up and going. YAY!

Problems I encountered finishing it up mechanically.

New pinto starter had a different bendix ..Was longer...had to use the older 1987 TC starter.
I had to go dig threw the bone pile to find a correct bigger yoke to fit trans. Automatic TC one did not fit, Was smaller in dia. I did not know this.

I did end making a simple 1/4 plate to mate the pinto crossmember to the 5 speed trans mount.
Pretty simple actually.

Down to checking every thing once more... Bolts, fluids etc....
I need to purchase a large boot for shifter to cover new enlarged hole, or a new carpet kit ...it could actually use a new carpet. Pondering situations still.
Adjust clutch one more time.
Put the hood back on.

I'm pretty happy with the 5 speed. seems to be a good one and not wore out. ...if memory serves me correctly it came from a 1988 TC with around 150,000 miles on it.

I did go get the 1998 Ranger, and I still have to go retrieve all the 1986 TC donor stuff for it.
Hope to be on that build in the next couple of weekends.
Thanks for following along my Ferd journeys .....
More soon.

Just a quick hello and greetings.
Update on little pinto build.
Running like a top.
Stock radiator and rear end holding up very well ..... (Sticks tongue out.)
Daily driving.
Mileage is racking up to 93,000 now on the little feller.

Just a fun, simple, Reliable and enjoyable driving little car.

That being said.
Time to use up some more parts and start another build.

Thanks again for the views, Comments and information shared.
Very appreciated.

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