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"2Beers" 1989 Turbo 2.3L Ranger Build. AKA. (JJ)

Thinking it's time for a new fun build.
Use up some more junk hard to get parts that's way out dated and etc....

Bought: 2 FERD Rangers, 1989/1991. Twins in color (gold)
2.3 motors, 5 speed setups. 
Price $250 

Donor will be mostly 1986 TC bird.
Freebie car.....that I totally stripped down for everything. Running when boned out, was a 5 speed car.
I may mix and match pars with 1987 TC parts stuff.

250/300 HP
Thinking a bit more giddy up and go but stay in a reliable driver spectrum.

It's all been done before, but I hope you enjoy my version and looks.

Build name..."JJ" ...short for ..... Just Junk !

Current situation.
Totally stripped 1991 Ranger to a bare chassis yesterday. I will be building on that platform.
I won't bore you with the wire wheeling and rattle can clean up, new bushing swaps etc.

Hope you enjoy the build and ....more soon.
I'm sure the struggle will be Ford Real.

Thanks again ...more coming.

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