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2nd annual 4 Cylinder Ford Nationals Confirmed For Bristol August 31, 2013

I have just gotten off the phone with Brandon Cross, director of Bristol Dragway and have confirmed a special class for just our TurboFord group during the Fun Ford/Mopar Thunder event on August 30-31, 2013

We need 16 cars for this, but, I assured him that we could meet that number. Our time trials and racing will be done on Saturday, August 31 only. We have been assured 2 test/tune passes before our race and will be racing either in front of or behind the Mopar Slant guys that also have their slant six only class.

The prices are $20.00 for car and driver and $20.00 for spectators. We will not get any of our money back, but I have reliable information that there is already money donated to be paid out to the winners.

It would be great if some of our vendors whose advertisements are displayed at the right side of the page would step up with some type of contribution. It could be money or product and the amount doesn't matter, just something to let everyone know that they appreciate our business. Steve Brangwyn has already posted $500.00 to be applied to the cash winnings for listing his business as a sponsor of the event. BIG THANK'S STEVE!

We need a name for this event "SOON" so Brandon can change the Bristol web site and mailers to reflect us being there.

I'm sure not everyone is going to be pleased with the location or the date, but decissions had to be made. If someone would like to step up for next years race, please do so. So long as we don't have to drive more than one day to get there, Curt Jr. and I will be there.

I hope this will be as good or better and bigger than the turnout for last years race. Hope to see you there.

Curtis Sr.

PS---How about going ahead and start posting as to whether or not you plan be there and if you plan to be a participant or spectator.
These turbo thingies is fun when they don't be broke.

I will make every effort to make this race! Guys who didnt make it to the last one, missed out BIG TIME! It may have been the best time ive ever had at a drag strip, and i broke.. Think how good of a time id had if i could have ran to the end.

Last race we had 17 cars total, i think it was and approx, 50 spectators. Now i know we can beat that!

Now i have a delema. Cast iron or aluminum?

I will be there. I have never driven on a dragstrip, but would like to know if I could at least get in the 14's.
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I can bring 2 cars for car count (not like they are anything special, but to padd the # for 16).
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I will be there. (at the risk of catching **** from JD or Timmy) I might actually have my pace car done by then. :dunno:
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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Awe damn, I almost feel of the chair.

mr swift is innnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!! i guess i start saving now , ill put in my vacation request now . im glad that we race saturday .. so ill have all sunday to cuise home . is it a braket style . like last time? thats really the only way to let all have a chance. can we gatr a list of participants , and like last time , ill do the paarticipation stickers , and the 2 boobie prises , long haul, and best pacage during eliminations . if micheal wants to drive there again , ill bring a spare short block. lol.....
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Thank's for locking the other thread Paul. It makes it a lot easier to keep up with.
These turbo thingies is fun when they don't be broke.

Ok guys, this is the "official" thread for the 2nd annual TF race.
Here is a link to the first one for reference:


I will do whatever I can to help and support this. I'll be there one way or another (with or without the race car) but I will drive a TF down to add to the count.

I intend on contacting all the sponsors to get them on board.

I have already received a monetary donation for setting up a purse for the event.

I spoke with Curtis today and I would say that he and I should share the co-chairmanship of the event.

Any suggestions are welcome as we put this together.

Let's show these people what we can do. :burnout:

Thanks, Paul
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I cant believe it. It'll probably be the first or second week of school but things will still be slow enough that we'll be ok.

Bristol is close enough that if somebody got in a jamb we could go for parts if needed. It looks like a great track. Not sure how many but thats close enough that maybe we can start pushing John Lewis to do his iron head swap by then.

JD...the answer for your question of iron or alum is easy... One of each Wink
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