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#4 injector will not stop leaking at the rail, WTF!

I have put three different injectors in with new o-rings and tips and it will not stop leaking. What am i doing wrong? All of the others seem to be cured. Help me before I throw a match on this POS!

I know im playing captain obvious here....but is there a hairline crack in the rail for the injector..?

are putting a dab of grease on the o-rings..?
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I have to back up a bit the first inj. that I put in sealed fine but the injector itself was leaking so I removed it and since have replaced it with two other that are both pouring fuel. I have not used grease but a bit of trans fluid to lube the rings.I have cheked the rail for something that could be in the socket but its clean. I'm about to pull out my hair.

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swap in a new rail... it's "common enough" for these rails to crack... (right Turbopit?)


Will one from an '87 '88, work on an'86? Does anyone have one that they will part with for cheap?

Can you watch the thing leaking fuel everywhere? I'm only asking because I recently had a little fuel leak and thought it might be an injector when it was actually the fuel supply line. The little plastic clip that holds it in place went sound and the line backed off just a bit, leaking fuel in the proximity of the 4th injector. I never SAW it leaking, but I could smell it and it was wet around there when I checked it. Just sharing my own experiences.
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I had that problem when I put my injectors back in. I kept chipping the O-rings.

I originally tried seating the injectors in the manifold, then pressing the rail on. Unfortunately, some of the rail sockets are at an angle and will slice the injector O-rings if not lined up properly.

Make sure you have good O-rings where the injector goes into the rail. Lightly lube the rings, and put a socket under the injector. Press the rail towards the intake manifold, and the top of the injector should snap in cleanly.

Good luck.

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Yahoo I finally got them in with no leaks! Thank you to everyone that tried to help me. I was having the same problem as GTwannabe, I was chipping a small peice of the o ring off when I pushed the rail on. After completely removing everything again and taking a little more time I got them right and the injectors are not leaking themselves.

Anyway thanks again, you guys helped me get my blood pressure down to normal. [Image: biggrin.gif]

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