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71 Opel GT build

Soooo.......it sounds as though you may have an issue either with the EEC itself OR with its' wiring or power supply.......especially since yours doesn't provide the ground signal needed to activate the f/pump relay. Are you saying that you walked away with the key left on, even tho the f/pump was running? 

The fuel pump was not pluged in.

Are you sure that the EEC is powered? In the original applications, there's an EEC relay that supplies power. Did the motor run after you got the f/pump to power on? Are there any codes?  <shrug>

The EEC relay is working and suppling power to the EEC. I had it running then the ignition switch went bad, I replaced the switch and the fuel pump would run for 1-2 seconds when the key was turned on then shut off. Then the next day the pump would not run at all.
Could the ignition switch I put in (which was a use one) have gone bad too?

Sorry I don't know how to get your quotes in the bubble.

I'm going to go through all my ignition wiring this weekend and report back when done.

My EEC relay was bad, I checked power going to pin 1 but not 37 and 57 till this morning. Changed out the relay to a bosh style ( now all my relay's are new Bosh)  and hit the key and it fired right up, Whoo Hoo!

Thanks Ray, you mentioned it but I just did not think about it.

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