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88 Mustang LX

(06-16-2020, 09:11 PM)TurboRay Wrote:  1. I wuz wrong once before, WSBUT......I'm reasonably certain that the turbine housing AND elbow are both made from cast STEEL, and - if so - might explain why yer flux-core welding wire "stuck". . [Image: confused0024.gif]

2. LINK  . [Image: happy0034.gif]

I'm not using a stock turbo. I've got a Holset that uses a weird flange and cast iron outlet adapter that I cut and welded to. Believe me, the initial few tacks gave me all kinds of trouble with cracking, but that's another story.

And I saw your post about adjustable regulators- that's what gave me the idea! I'll have to thank you for that. Unfortunately no one around here has any CFI units, and the ones online are going for $200+. Shame since I could use the larger injectors in them as well. But I took the same idea as that and just modified my own stock regulator. It wasn't too hard really and I was pretty pleased with the result.

Picture as promised.

Home brew adjustable fuel pressure regulator

Home made adjustable wastegate actuator

And an overall view of the janky turbo setup. Note the aforementioned VAM bracket from a chopped NA air cleaner bracket.

Got the GT fuel pump put in, and a new sending unit, so the fuel level gauge works for the first time since we had it. With all that done I took it out and it it drove like a dream. So much quicker even without really getting into boost. It felt like a decent car you didn't have to wring out just to get up to the speed limit. With the short downpipe and glasspack it also sounds beautiful. A bit of a Subaru rumble to it and lots of turbo noise. Not sure if I'm a big fan of that though. It sounds a lot meaner than a <150hp car should. I don't know how I ended up with a slow turbo four banger sounding so mean and a TT V8 monster that sounds like it's stock.

Getting into boost didn't go so well. It felt great, but it didn't take long for the cabin to fill with smoke. I quickly pulled over and got ready to extinguish it. I thought maybe my oil supply or drain lines I made had failed, but they were intact. Apparently under boost there was enough crankcase pressure to blow off the PCV hose by the distributor and make one hell of a mess. I guess the impactor/separator under the intake doesn't do much. I spend a good chunk of the day cleaning up the oil, and Ill have to revisit that line one way or another, even if it's just putting on a hose clamp to keep it secured. Let that be a lesson for anyone else doing an NA swap.

I clamped the PCV line for the time being and it seems to work.

Started working on the water/methanol injection system. I tested a few sprayer options with the new edge windshield washer pump and reservoir I have. The sprayer bar setup was far too coarse, no matter how small on the drillings you go. Little to no atomization. The ag sprayer was ok from a spray pattern standpoint, but even adjusted all the way down yielded a flow rate of 13 gph, far above the desired flow rate of 4 gph. I could try to orifice it down but I think that would hurt atomization even more. The home brew impingement nozzle faired the best. Basically just an orifice in a pipe plug with a nail ground into a point inserted into it. I'm going to start on that one with the tip being threaded on the opposite side of the pipe to allow for a degree of adjustment in flow and spray pattern.

The home made throttle switch is going to be a real abomination. But it ought to get the job done.

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