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88 Thunderbird ECU

My 88 Thunderbird  LA3 ECU went bad and couldn't find an immediate replacement. However I did find a used one. It's an E8U and was told it came off an automatic 88 2.3  Thunderbird. Just wonder what is the difference.  I have it in a 5 speed manual Mustang.   Did the automatics have a premium switch like the 5 speed?

Dunno about octane switch. The correct 3 digit code for 88 TC EEC is 8UA. No other one that i am aware of. The engineering and part numbers did change in 88.5. Dunno what difference is.

You should be ok to run an 8UA with manual trans, thats im doing in my XR. You might get codes related to auto trans items that you don't have installed.

86 XR

there is a person going by EFI guy and repairs 5.0 fox Mustangs ECUs. I told him the 2.3 is similar and asked if would try to fix it. Seems the same capacitors used in the 5.0 are identical to the 2.3. He replaced them - plugged it back in and the engine fired right up - seems everything is back to normal now

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