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88 Turbo Coupe project

Figured I'd make a project thread to share my experience of putting my TC back on the road

got it back in September of 2019 for $1000 and I've done quite a lot of work to it 

I'll add some pictures to the thread later

  • swapped out the teves master cylinder with a good used one since the pump was dead on mine
  • rear end rebuilt since it was worn out / I think it was run low on fluid since it had a leaky wheel seal and it ended up wearing out the rear end 
  • valve job done on the head and installed a RR Cam with roller followers and the nice ranger valve cover gasket
  • new rack and pinion, tie rod ends, and sway bar bushings / end links
  • had a hurst short throw in it already which was nice since the factory shifters are junk
  • Esslinger cam gear to retard the timing some to gain some top end back with the RR cam
  • catch can between the intake and PCV valve
  • ported E6 manifold with the EGR port converted to a wastegate port
  • Stinger FMIC
  • Stinger 3" single exhaust with a dynomax ultra flo and no catalytic converter
  • modified fox mustang cold air intake to work for the 2.3T (basically just trimmed the pipes down)
  • Aeromotive AFPR set to factory pressure (got it for cheap and figured I'd need it at some point)
  • powder coated the valve cover, upper intake, and coolant lines
  • new clutch slave and master
  • autometer boost, oil pressure, and water temp gauges since the factory ones weren't too reliable
I recently acquired a parts lot that came with a ported head with a Bo-port valvetrain and cam so I'll be installing it soon

also bought a rebuilt factory .63 SVO turbo to replace the IHI with

the Pimp ECU is probably the next big upgrade I'd like to do so I'm on the lookout for a used one (found one)

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