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'94-'95 TB - FREE

I have been a away for a long time now, couldn't even figure out my old login info!  I was a member for a few years but that's why this looks like my first post.  

Anyway, I uncovered this throttle body the other day and I have no use for it.  Figured I would see if anyone is looking for these any more.  

The mounting flange was drilled out by the person I bought it from.  I never got to use it before I sold the mustang.  Looks like it has a new TPS too.

It's free, just asking to pay S&H.  Not sure what that is at the moment but I can't imagine it would be more than 15-20 bucks.  


Let me know, thanks,


Chad, you need to contact me asap so we can find your old account.
I'm usually successful when I do a search for dormant accounts.
The 'rules' are still the same as they were on the old software, you can't have two accounts.
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Interested if you have this. Where are you located? USPS has fit & it ships boxes that go pretty cheap...

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