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A little 2.3 coverage

Pretty quiet around here, Figured I would brag a little. Went to the NMRA world finals and won the Tremec Stick Shootout. 

A pretty rare headline, a 4 cylinder wins …


Then a write up on my junk…


I’ve chased this race a while now, have runnered up and went some rounds but finally got the win.

Pretty good payday as it all shakes out,, got cash, and technically win my choice of RXT clutch / flywheel, but the VP from McLeod offered that he would like to see their product in my car, and they are building me a full soft lock for me. Also got a NASCAR driving deal in the spring. 

In addition to the good stuff, got another Tremec jacket, hats, bunch of swag, heck even a bottle of champagne.

Lots of attention on the little 4 banger. Picture in victory lane


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84 Capri RS Turbo
1/8th 6.29@110, 1/4 - 9.87@137

Congrats. way to keep at it.
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That's great!

The writeup didn't seem to mention anything about your transmission.  Big Grin
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Tremec puts the money into this, and pays Evan to write the stories so …. We discussed it and I told him I was fine with glossing over that detail, I really do appreciate them putting these races on. The Tremec guy knows what’s in mine (Mike). I run their stickers on the car in the shootout and wear their hats at the races, lol. We have become friends over the years.

As I mentioned, McLeod was a little more aggressive with trying to not have me standing in victory lane with Black Magic clutch stickers on the car and their t shirt, lol. They stepped up my prize quite a bit to get their product in my car.
84 Capri RS Turbo
1/8th 6.29@110, 1/4 - 9.87@137

Outstanding! That is one heck of an accomplishment! Well earned Bob, well earned indeed.
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Congrats on the win and the deal with McLeod. Gotta be real cool to get in with the manufacturers. Maybe it'll lead to a sponsorship.
88 TC 2.5 5spd~money pit

99% of “sponsorship” is product versus actual money in drag racing.

I’m fine with that, and have lots of opportunity, lol. When I talked with Evan for the story there was plenty of chance to insert product / company names.
84 Capri RS Turbo
1/8th 6.29@110, 1/4 - 9.87@137

417 RWHP & 378 lbft

Thats excellent Bob, I miss racing my Gold junk. Never got in it like you guys did, but it was fun what little I did do.

cant wait to hear more about the clutch setup...
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January Fastest Street Car magazine had a little ink. They usually gloss over it being a 4 cylinder but pointed it out this time …

84 Capri RS Turbo
1/8th 6.29@110, 1/4 - 9.87@137

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