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About to do my first swap

Greetings from Vancouver, WA.

I have been "working on" an 86 GT T-Top off and on for a couple of years.  I had really wanted a GT Turbo with T-Tops, but never saw any locally.  I ended up buying someone's project car the other day, a 1992 Vert LX that they had started swapping in a 2.3T out of a Turbo Coupe.   I only meant to be harvesting parts for the swap, but my partner decided that we should just do a swap and keep both cars for now since we have a ton of parts and the vert is in relatively good shape.

The T-Top is very rough, I bought it on craigslist a few years ago for about $1000.  I wasn't sure that it was worth $1000 at the time.  I've spent most of my time making it safe to ride in.  The one upside is that it fires up and runs like a champ.  The downside is that the rest of the car is not ready to drive.

The vert is also rough, but closer to being in "good condition" than the 86.  It was a factory 2.3 - so I'm pretty sure I can just do a part-for-part swap with the 86 here. 

Ultimately I'm going to end up with 2 cars:

1986 T-Top with 2.3T and 5 speed (the reason I'm here)

1992 Vert with 5.0 HO and AOD (less interesting on these forums), the car itself will remain mostly stock.  I have the parts for the GT40 build and exhaust to go with it.

I've got stingers bookmarked and a pretty good understanding of these cars from picking the 86 apart.

I'm pretty sure I have all or almost all the parts I need.  Like, not just the swap, but performance, suspension and some resto stuff as well.

I'm going to start by "restoring" the vert since it's closer to being "done" than the 86.  That will also give me time to learn more about what I need to do for the turbo'd 86 and gather parts if needed.

The main thing I'm looking for right now is how to identify the 2.3T engine so I can know what it came out of and what the specs are.  I took a look, but I didn't find any serial numbers or anything.  Any advice on where to look would be very helpful.

Inline vs 4 square intake will tell you if it's pre-85 or post-85 (inline is the older one). E6 vs E3 casting for the exhaust manifold will say if it's pre-86 or not. Serpentine belts = 87-88 TC. IHI turbo = 87-88 TC. Dip in the center of the cam cover = 87-88 TC. Intercooler = 87-88 TC or SVO. With these details, you can typically get a pretty good idea of what it came out of.

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