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Aftermarket radiator for track car

I am looking for recommendations on a replacement radiator. I primarily use my Turbo Coupe for HPDE style events. I do however drive the care to each event. The motor is not stock, it has a several Esslinger components; Aluminum D-port head, BoPort 2.5 cam, etc... it makes around 400 HP. I am using Esslinger’s high flow water pump with their underdrive pulley. 

417 RWHP & 378 lbft

Most of the aluminum aftermarket fox radiators are pretty nice pieces and do a good job. Where you can really make some improvements on these cars is around the airflow. Adding recirculation baffles and a better fan would make a huge difference. The baffles are easy enough to make yourself out of whatever sheet material you have on hand and some foam/rubber. Just seal up those enormous gaps between the radiator and core support on the sides. That's the biggest spot. The other is part is picking a better fan. I would recommend the MKVIII fan, with the Taurus fans and some of the Mopar dual fan setups like the Intrepid not far behind. Those outflow even the new edge fans handily, let alone the little 4cyl fox one.

Just to throw an option out there that you're probably not aware of (Radiator alone or with Shroud & Dual Fans):

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I had really bad luck with a Fluidyne radiator, replaced it with a Mishimoto from Summit and it's been fine for a few years now.
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I would think with that kind of racing you would not want to underdrive the W/P?
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Volvo fans from mid to late 90s sedans/wagons are similar to Taurus ones. The fan is removable from the shroud and all have a dual speed relay setup on the shroud which works really well. Flows a lot if air. On my mishimoto fox mustang radiator the shroud covers 90+ percent of the core. Used a three position relay grounding switch in the cab to control it. Some of the later model volvos have in line fuses as well. Works well with my car.

Just wanted to let you know of another fan option if you decide to look in a junkyard.
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Back in the day on Thunderstang I used the radiator out of an early '90s Volvo 740 and the fan from an '89 Thunderbird Super Coupe.  It was a 2-spd that flowed tremendous amounts of air!  A couple of easily fabbed brackets were all that was required for both the fan and rad.

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