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Air pocket continually forming in cooling system. I need some input.

Quote:Originally posted by Mike SVOR:
Not true. There is a part called a heater control valve. They are vacume or mechanicaly operated. They came factory.
true... this isn't an old mopar we're talking about... it's a fox body... the Mark VII's and maybe the 87-88 TC's had a solenoid on the heater core line, BUT it was for the climate control... so it wouldn't blow cold feet on your toes (waited till the water was the correct temp)


Well I did the block test today and it seems that there isn't any combustion gases entering the cooling system. Has anyone used one of these things and actually found a problem? Just curious. I think my next step is to run the car without the t-stat and see what happens. Any opinions?

Did you check the hose from the cap to the fill tank? The cooling system is a closed loop system. When the engine gets hot, excess fluid is pumped into the tank. As the engine cools it sucks the fluid back in (otherwise the radiator would collapse like an aluminum can). If this hose leaks or there is no fluid in the overflow tank then the radiator will suck in air.

If you are constantly loosing fluid then you either have a leak or it is going into the engine through a crack or a blown head gasket. If it is a blown head gasket then it could go either into the cylinder or the oil passages. If it goes into a cylinder then it will come out the exhaust and you will be able to smell it. If it gets into the oil then the oil will be a brown frothy mess. It would be unlikely that you have an external leak in the engine without some visible sign. If it is leaking from the heater core then you would smell it and it would coat the windows.
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QUOTE]How will I know if it's specifically made for an overflow system? I got it at NAPA. I told the guy what car it was for and he looked it up and gave me the cap. It's a 16 pounder I think.[/QB][/QUOTE]

It may be unrelated, but I had this problem on a Merk. I went thru everything you are going thru, plus I pulled the head back off of a fresh engine looking for a non-existant crack.

Turns out I had the wrong radiator cap. Stant says the Merk takes a 231 cap. Wrong. It takes a 230.

In the center of the cap you will see a small brass valve about the size of a dime. Hold the cap up, and if the valve dangles open, it is the wrong cap. The valve should be spring loaded, and stay shut all the time. Smile joe b
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Tommy,it`s not the t-stat,& you should use one in your engine.

My Mini has a heater control valve, my T-bird does not.

On the Mini, there is a valve right on the head that is cable-operated. When the valve is open, coolant circulates out to the heater core, and when it's closed the flow stops but there is still coolant in the core (just no circulation).

So on the Mini you are actually restricting or allowing water to the core -- on the 2.3, your heater control is just operating a flapper door.
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