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ALL MEMBERS READ!! TurboFord Group Purchase Guidelines

It is VERY important that anyone planning to organize OR participate in a Group Purchase read this entire post AND every word of the attached guidelines!!

TurboFord has a new moderator and a new way of doing Group Purchases.

The moderator is:
Paul LeDuc . He's going to be the primary person keeping an eye on the day-to-day running of this forum.

We have been in cooperation on the development of a standardized set of guidelines to govern Group Purchases. Please read them in their entirety. All members are responsible for knowing/observing them.


As you can see inside the guide, we created a form that does several things:

1) automates the GP Approval Request procedure,

2) standardizes the GP Approval process so that all members have an equal opportunity to offer GPs,

3) shortens the timeframe from request to approval,

4) makes sure the organizer has done his "homework" on the front end which insures a successful/smoother sale process, and

5) many other benefits...

UPDATE: I've added a new category of TF Member... It involves two main things:

1) A custom title of "Approved Vendor", and
2) The ability to post pricing in a Group Purchase.

Essentially, that's all there is to it. The Custom title is available to TF Sponsors and advertisers IF 1) they request it, and 2) there is no reason to deny it. The assignment of the title is solely within my purview.

Happy Shopping!
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