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All Motor Baby!

Who needs turbos when you have a dyno plot like this????


I thought you guys might be interested in how an FI engine acts when you remove the FI portion.

So, for fun, I dynoed the R/T all motor! I disconnected the intercooler hose at the throttle body. When I tried disconnecting it before the IC, the engine was so wheezy it wouldnt even hardly rev past 2500 rpm! I guess the IC is a relatively large restriction when there is no turbo on the other side Smile

One can clearly see the engine tuning on this plot. The cams are set for peak torque around 3000 rpm, then there is a "bump" (maybe from resonance?) a little before 5000 rpm. The dyno operator and I both felt it very clearly during the run. He actually exclaimed "VTEC Baby!".

The ECU does a pretty good job of fueling with no boost as seen in the A/F graph.

However, I think I could have timed the dyno run with a sundial. It takes a long time with no boost to pull 3rd gear (never mind 4th).

[Image: Allmotor!.gif]
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