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Anyone install the MM k member on their Foxbody? Have some questions.

Jim, I'm very sorry, my memory did not serve correct.
I just double checked and looked up the original order.
They were zero offset control arms. MM part #MMFCA-2
But again, with the MM K member.
Again, sorry, memory didn't serve me well this time, but glad I checked.
Maybe that'll still help your research....
Scott Bowers
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No worries. I appreciate all your help.
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yeah the MM k member's LCA mounting points are moved out a little. I want to say about 1/2" but I may be wrong. You may have better luck calling MM directly. I bet they'll know for sure and how much (to the thousandth most likely). I've got OEM 98 Cobra 17x8's with 275/40/17's on my '92 and it's VERY tight, rubs a little even on the inside lip. MM K-member and reverse offset LCA's using 96 spindles. I don't remember what the wheel offset is on the OE Cobra's.

I called & spoke with Jack at MM about it before I ordered my stuff and he had the knowledge memorized; probably worth calling about it.
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