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Anyone seen one of these before...

Connaught Competition Engines - Warrior (connaughtengines.co.uk)

Says it is for a pinto 2.0l.... UK apparently built stuff for these motors we never got .  Gotta say that looks pretty cool.  Sure wish the 2.3 guys here in the US put some R&D and built a kit... I'm sure the cost is just horrendous.  


I'm sure it was/is a well-thought-out design and way ahead of "its' time", TR ~ BUT........these sorts of kits/conversions were intended to "modernize" old-school engines back in "the day" (like that EAO 2.0 or "our" dinosaur 2-valve Limas). Nowadays, you can just go to the junk yard and get a used Ecotec, Duratec, Ecoboost, Honduh K-motor, DSM, Volvo, etc., etc., etc., that'll produce the same or more power density as those sorts of ensembles.  <shrug>
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