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Anyone with a NHRA rulebook......

When you mount a battery in the trunk (rear) portion of a hatchback (in this case a gutted XR) do you have to use a case or box? I know the Summit and Jegs kits come with boxes but is it required according to the NHRA? There is no bulkhead between the passenger compartment and where the battery will be. Can I just mount the battery using a tray and through bolts and make sure there is a vent for rear section of the car? Thanks, I don't wantr to spend $10 on a rulebook for one question! Big Grin
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you will need a box if the battery is open into the passenger compartment. If you have a rear fire wall, or metal panel separating the battery from the passenger compartment you can just mount the battery with a bracket and some threaded rod.
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All race sanctioning bodies require a battery to be isolated from the passenger compartment (in a box). It would be foolish to do otherwise, even temporarily.
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This is directly from the 2003 NHRA rulebook:

All batteries must be securely mounted. Batteries may not be relocated into the driver or passenger compartments. Rear firewall of .024-inch steel or .032-inch aluminum (including package tray) required when battery is relocated in trunk. In lieu of rear firewall, battery may be located in a sealed .024-inch steel, .032-inch aluminum, or NHRA-accepted poly box. If sealed box is used in lieu of rear firewall, box may not be used to secure battery and must be vented outside of body. Relocated battery(s) must be fastened to frame or frame structure with a minimum of two 3/8-inch-diameter bolts. ("J"-hooks prohibited or must have open end welded shut.) Metal battery hold-down straps mandatory. Strapping tape prohibited. A maximum of two automobile batteries, or 150 pounds combined maximum weight (unless otherwise specified in Class Requirements), is permitted. Maximums may vary according to Class Requirements.

BTW unless the box is listed as meeting NHRA requirements it isn't,the "Marine" type boxes thet summitt and Walmart sells for cheap are not legal or safe.Remember, 40lbs of lead and battery acid are not what you want flying around inside of a car in an accident.Pay the buck for the aluminum box and vent it outside the car and mount it securely(it also lets you polish it so you have a cool place to put those "NOS" stickers. Big Grin
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Kevin, that is exactly what I needed to know. Thanks.
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