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ARP L19 alloy Head studs

I'm interested in the super high hardness ones, but let me know when you have 8 others - I can't tie up $355 for months, but I am interested in either option for an aluminum head swap in the spring. So any time this is ready to go, just let me know and I can paypal you the money. Thanks, Jim.
85 SVO; 89 XR4ti

I,too am interested in the L19 studs. Please let me know if these will be available any time soon. I will also spread the word in order to find more interested in these .

Any difference in the amount of boost that can be utilized
Between 2000 studs and the L19 studs? Interested either way.

Just did a search on the L19.
1000 psi more than standard arp studs!

I think this makes 10 I'll tale a set let me know Bo.

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Wow, back from the dead! Check with Joe Laramee- he got some made form 2000 material that are longer to work with aluminum heads or I have some in stock for iron heads that are 2000 material: http://bo-port.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=92 How's the cam working out?

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