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Bad MPG no power

Ok guys I have had this problem since I put the engine in my 93 stang, 86TC engine, HY35, FMIC, LA3, and Large vam. Anyway it gets horrible mpg like 10-12 at most and this is with my foot out of it. I drive it everyday to school 7 miles and I have to put $20 in it every week or like 7.5gallons and I make it like 120-140 miles. Then the fact that it runs like crap at 2000rpms it is fine but I hit 2500 and it starts stumbling jerking back and forth like you let the clutch out wrong. If I keep in it and get to about 3000rpms it pulls like a freight train and no problems after that. If I have the car at idle and rev it it sounds like I have launch control and starts goin BA BA BA BA BA until I let off the gas.

SUGGESTIONS cause I'm just :banghead: ?

tune up?
stock injectors?
actual working speedo with correct gear for rear end gears?
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Tune up did plugs, wires, cap, and rotor.

I have a BPV.

Yes, stock injectors.

Speedo is correct same tranny and rear from the factory. checked the speedo with radar (cops thing they leave on the side of the road) was of by about a mph.

If it runs really good after 3k and bogs before that I'd say you are not burning the gas. What do the plugs look like, what is the plug gap. Is there soot in the tail pipe. A wideband O2 would give you some good info about how much gas is going to the cylinders. Is the vacuum connected to the FPR? Have you checked the BPV for correct operation, shut at ldle?
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Plugs are dirty from a lot of gas tail pipe is full of soot.

Plugs are gapped right I checked them but I cant remember what to I think it was .28 or .32.

FPR is connected to vaccum line.

No I haven't checked the BPV but it is technically a BOV because It isn't feeding the the air back into the system

And yes I know this causes rich condition but that is when I shift shouldn't be 24/7.

vacuum leak test?

timing check?

What type of fuel pump to you have in there?
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It's not a Vac leak

Timing is my big problem I have no marks at all only on the gears no plastic cover for the cam or crank. String method won't work cause someone changed the firing order on the distributor.

I have the Tbird FP in the car.

How do you change the firing order and have the car not misfire? I'd put that back to how it's supposed to be, buy a timing cover, verify cam timing and ignition timing.
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well if you look at the rotor on the distributor when CYL is TDC the plug a 1o'clock is the one that gets power instead and the wires have been moved to accomidate this. But I have been wanting to change it back.

I would reset the distributor to stock and use the string method. It's easier to help you when you are setup like ford intended. BOV or BPV, they should both be closed at idle and remain closed until you reach a specified pressure, or lift the throttle.
Previous owner of two TurboFords, Now the owner of a lot of spare parts that are looking for a new project.

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