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baseline suspension.....(admin aproved)

aftre getting the ok from paul i decided i would try and get this going by the deadline of dec 31st.

basically 15% off of your order if we can get 10+ people to order


i am not making anything off this, and actually i wont see any of your money or info other than your name and e-mail to make an order, all i am doing is getting the list of people to them so they can send you a coupon for 15% for when you order. but as i said before it is going to take atleast 10 people to get this discount

if you have any questions please PM me

here is who we have so far
and me

if you would like to be added or taken off let me know, thanks

p.s. here is the other thread about this
86 svo....under construction

anybody? ill end out some pm's later to those already involved
86 svo....under construction

I just spoke with Kevin and decided to jump in with a Street Launch UCA kit, so count me in.

ok so that may be 7...ill start sending pm's to make sure everybody is still in
86 svo....under construction

pm sent guys.
86 svo....under construction

I'm out for now. Christmas has come and the free money has gone.
No more Turboford....

doesnt look like this is going to happen guys...

mods you can go ahead and delete this
86 svo....under construction

this stuff is sick guys..if i allready didnt own it i would buy it!
Function before form. Going fast is looking good!

We should try again after Christmas
93LX Mustang.Drag lites with skinnys on ft.and 26x10.5 Sportsman Pros on the back. 3.73 limited slip.

302 400hp B&M C4

Quote:Originally posted by Robbie:
We should try again after Christmas
I might be in for a set of LCA's....
Got me a '88 Vert to swap Big Grin
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